'Rotterdam, de stad en de haven, zitten in mijn bloed, dus dat moet mijn onderwerp zijn.'
Willem Bijl

I wish to make genuine Rotterdam art. My acrylic paintings feature ships, bridges and cranes, and also the proud contours of modern Rotterdam architecture. The simple lines and exuberant colours match beautifully but form sharp contrasts too.

As a child, I watched the ships entering and leaving the port. The sounds and smells and the hustle and bustle instilled in me a lifelong fascination. Today the port of Rotterdam is located outside the city. With my paintings, I would like to bring the port experience back to my audience. I love it when someone recognizes details in my paintings, because that triggers a dialogue between painting and visitor.

I studied the Rotterdam history and pre-war architecture. Walking today's streets, images of forgotten squares and wharves pop up in my mind. I paint old cityscapes, modern rural and industrial architecture, and in some of my paintings old and new merge.

I work autonomously, but also accept commissions. I work with the best materials.